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. >> sadness over a carry out killing. the small amount of money involved. >> and the west virginia mine disaster. new information on the rescue effort. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, our streak of dry, blue skies and summer like heat is over. the clouds rolled in early this evening and then the rain came down. some areas were even under a thunderstorm warning for a couple of hours. hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. more on tonight's rain in a bit. first some of the top stories tonight. staff members at baltimore's afro american newspaper are mourning the death of one of their own. paper's 72-year-old security guard was gunned down while ordering food at a chinese carry out early this morning. police say the two suspects fled the scene, with $13. they stole from another customer. at the paper today the victim's co-workers were struggling to make sense of it all. >> life is a cycle. and so you are born and grow old and then eventually you die. but when it is cut short by something that doesn'
of the victims of the explosion in west virginia. >> and the race for governor, what people are saying about the rematch, between ehrlich and o'malley. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd has the night off. we begin with breaking news out of northwest baltimore. two residents and 1 firefighter are hurt. in a two alarm apartment fire. it started after 9:00 tonight at win manner apartments in 3900 block of liberty heights avenue. officials say two residents suffered smoke inhalation, one of them an elderly woman that suffered serious burns. >> we also treated one firefighter, who fell from a second floor window. while battling the fire. he suffered burns to his hands and some other musculoskeletal injuries. >> two residents taken to bayview burn center. firefighter taken to shock trauma and is in serious condition. no word on the cause of the fire. >> there is also breaking news out of washington d.c. tonight. fbi is investigating whether a man, tried to ignite his shoes, on a flight from d
'malley has made the tough decisions to accelerate the economic recovery. >> virginia is celebrating the news that defense contractor northrup grummon makes its new headquarters in the common wealth. company chose virginia over maryland and said location and economics were the deciding factors. virginia gave northrup more than $12 million in incentives. but the governor said he hopes to quickly get the money back. >> when you have 300 jobs that average in the neighborhood of about $200,000. we think it will bring 30 plus million dollars of tax revenues to the state. >> we would liked to have been able to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news, is northrup has 11,000 people currently employed in maryland and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> republican bob ehrlich is criticizing o'malley's tax policies as unfriendly to business. and as a possible reason northrup chose them over maryland in relocating. >> the position of mayor in the city of annapolis comes with less power. the annapolis city council passed a bill giving it more control over the day-to-day o
jeff barnd is off tonight. we begin with breaking news out of west virginia tonight. whether it is in the deadly coal mine explosion. it happened in a mine located about 30 miles south of charleston. rescue and recovery efforts are underway. seven miners are confirmed dead. 19 others are missing. and the seven miners that were killed were reportedly trying to leave the mine in a vehicle at the time of the explosion. it happened at massey's energy performance coal company mine in raleigh county. >> coal mining community when you hear that many ambulances it has to be bad. >> as we can duly as a community is come together and pray. if you are from here, we are all comining families. my whole family, grandfathers. and father. and brother. >> seven dead in a coal mine in west virginia. more on the story as it becomes available. >> the tea party movement in maryland s getting criticism tonight. it comes on the heels of a new poll showing that 57 percent of those in the tea party movement call themselves republicans. another 28 percent call themselves independents. and 13 percent c
the showers are starting to creep in closer. and down over parts of west virginia and virginia. we will see the activity building our way going into tomorrow. so get the umbrellas ready. we will see the low pressure push n bringing us the rain. so temperatures right now 59 in baltimore. and it looks like we will see the temperatures back in the lower 60s tomorrow. but we will see the showers sticking around for about a day or so. closer look at more rain for the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> coming up. speed cameras and speed space. how they could track you. >> good and bad news for european travelers tonight as flights begin to take off again. details of another bigger eas long as emerging however. >> details of google's cyber attack being revealed. >> that volcano responsible for iceland's ash cloud now shows no signs of stopping. and scientists fear tremors from it could trigger a more dangerous eruption at the nearby catla volcano. ten times stronger and shoot higher and larger plumes of ash into the skies. >> great news, however forks airline passengers in europe. air
of coverage will not coming for another four years. >> tragedy at a west virginia mine. what went wrong in the desperate search for survivors. >> marines and suspected taliban members in a fire fight. video of the dramatic showdown and how insurgents are trying to disguise themselves now. >> this is obviously a weapon of last resort. >> revamping the na >> rescue efforts hit a wall at a west virginia mine. where 25 workers were killed, and 4 more are still missing. the search will have to wait while officials remove poisonous gas from inside of the mine. jonathan hunt '02 more on the effort to get the rescue back on track. >> with the clock ticking hope is fading. >> we know that the odds are not in our favor. >> drilling is now underway in the effort to find four west virginia miners missing since the blast. >> two drills working now. and feverishly to get down to find out what type of air we have in that area of the mine before we can let rescuers go in. >> monday's explosion at the massey energy company upper big branch south mine killed at least 25 workers. while investigators try t
to the common wealth of virginia and competition for the new headquarters of the major defense contractor north grummon. it plans to relocate headquarters from los angeles to northern virginia. governor o'malley said it is a vic free the entire greater washington area. but former governor ehrlich running against o'malley this year said it shows o'malley knows little about attracting business to the state. >> meantime governor o'malley kicks off the reelection campaign tomorrow with a three day, moving maryland forward tour. first stop is fell's point in baltimore. then make stops in 10 others places. columbia, aberdine, catonsville and aberdine. >> man that made a living investigating politicians. talked to us about retirement. prosecutor robert rohrbaugh spent time reflecting on shiela dixon trial. despite the criticism he faced, he believes it was a strong case. and he also had this to say on what he thinks led to sheila dixon's downfall. >> pure agreed. you look at it from congress, to local politics, and it is agreed. to this date, ms. dixon has never explained to the public what that cash
. into northern virginia as we see the chilly temperatures setting in. so it looks like we will have to wait for sunrise to get the temperatures going back up. temperatures today in the mid 60s. it was breezy. felt cooler out there. but overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. the model data shows the lower 40s. starting us off around 6 a.m. but i think colder than that. in some of the outlying areas when you get into the rural areas of the central parts of maryland. but it looks like on the bigger picture continue to see a warmer push coming in from the southwest. and it will feel good as we go to the weekend. here is what it is looking like. right now. we have this area of low pressure, that is giving us those winds from the northwest. and clear conditions over us right now. high pressure will be building in that will help our temperatures increase as we get into thursday, friday saturday and then sunday. by sunday giving us a chance of showers. dry conditions until then. this high pressure has clockwise rotation around it. warm front associated with the warm air building in over the midwe
. >> 99-year-old virginia campbell may be one of the oldest fans of apple's i-pad. daughter gave hurt device as a gift as soon as it was released. campbell suffers from glaucoma. >> opened the world, for that owe bro that i could not -- i could barely see to read. >> thanks to the bright screen she has read two books and gotten back into writing pea poetry. this is the first computer that she has ever owned. >> patrice harris fox 45 news "late edition". >> we are looking at breaks in the clud >> here is what is going on. seven-day forecast. plenty of sunshine on friday. 69 kicking off the week. saturday looks like sun and clouds gathering. and few showers working in. thunderstorms saturday night to sunday. we will get thunderstorm activity. then monday lingers around. and tuesday and wednesday we dry up. with the temperatures back in the 60s. back to you jeff. >> vytas i am empathize with you, flood director shaw runs a tight ship. >> be in charge of your own forecast. i-radar is available at use the tools to track storms down to your neighborhood. go to foxbaltimore
in western maryland. and oakland. but as you got into central virginia we are looking at the temperatures in the mid 60s and even 70s further south. so you can see the warm air held south of us, as we had the frontal boundary slip through. and also an area of low pressure wrapping in atlantic moisture. you could see on the state temperatures right now. still in the mid 40s. to lower 40s. across the parts of the western portion of the state. but we will continue to see that cool air move in. as the clouds break. we could see frost developing up along the border. especially in parts of pennsylvania. so they have actually frost advisories issued for some of the western counties out there, west of philadelphia, and also york and into harrisburg. so it looks like cool air pulling north. bigger picture shows 39 in harrisburg. so 30s are dropping in here. we will get into the mid 40s here around baltimore tonight. and tomorrow we will see things change as the 60s are allowed back into the pick. which is good. what kept us on the cool side was the area of low pressure. upper level low moving alon
of the miners killed in the west virginia tragedy was laid to rest today. family and friends gather to pay respect to say miner scott. he loved mining and was on the job for 21 years. they have not said what caused the explosion. but, he think, methane gas may have had something to do with it. 25 miners were killed in all. >> a fight breaks out on a detroit bus and it was the driver that was being attacked. these two women jumped on the bus driver, as you can see, he fought back. he said this is not the first time he has been assaulted on the job. after this video surfaced both women were arrested, and charged with assault. the driver was not seriously hurt. >> a teenager is elected mayor of a wisconsin town. 19-year-old romaine quinn won tuesday election in rice lake. residents have mixed feelings but many say they are willing to give him a chance. he said the people are looking for a politician that acts more than he talks. the college freshman is anxious to get to work on redine defining city politics. he would be sworn in two weeks. >> and thank goodness all that rain stopped. jessica
. 48 in pittsburg. 47 in cleveland. looking at 49 down in charleston. and west virginia. so we will continue to see slightly warmer temperatures build n cooler air is mainly north of us. wrapping around an area of low pressure. but there is a mild push of air coming up out of the south. but clouds continue to move with it. and see the high pressure keep us dry tomorrow. as the high shifts off to the east. and it looks like we will see moisture building in behind it. this area of low pressure pushing up out of the tennessee valley gives us the next chance of rain wednesday, wednesday night. and maybe thursday morning. then the system will continue to push off to the east. and dryer air moves back into the pick. as we get into late thursday into friday. and then toward the weekend another round of showers possible. for tonight, temperatures around 52. and clear skies. and then for tomorrow looking at sun and did clouds. more clouds later in the day. but it looks like we will see temperatures around 68 for the high. and five-day forecast shows 64 degrees for wednesday. thursday. 6
in virginia that never made it. >> i was angry. how could somebody steal from a 3-year-old. i am sure they did not know how old my granddaughter was. but still. birthday card said happy birthday 3-year-old. >> well, walsh had the initial appearance in federal court today. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right, keith. towson university students are on high alert tonight after another student is robbed at gunpoint. it happened just after midnight at a frat house, 200 block of burke avenue. one of the students that lives there was doing homework when about six guys wearing red ban dannan nas stormed in and robbed them. >> yeah, he said the first guy had a revolver and second and third had knives. he did not recognize the rest. told to stay in the kitchen. not to move. >> robbers got cash, computers, video gaming system. police are trying to determine if this incident is connected to one last month where two towson university students were assaulted and robbed in their dorm room. >> arundel county police arrest 21
this is the last band. through virginia, maryland and new york and pennsylvania. you can see a cold front pushing through. dry conditions back to the west. clearing out in the ohio valley. and cooler air will be making the way in our direction tomorrow. other concern today has been strong gusty winds. oust southwesterlyer today that brought in that warm air mass. now they have shifted with that cold front. toward the northwest. 15 in baltimore right now. hagerstown. 14 in oakland. and winds will continue to be strong and blustery out there. overnight tonight and for the daytime tomorrow for saturday. temperatures though right now. still holding strong at 70 in baltimore. and 10-degree temperature change north in harrisburg. so you can see where exactly that cold front is. 55 in pittsburg. 52 in cleveland. and 46 degrees in chicago. so that's the cooler air mass coming our direction. overnight tonight. and sticks around for pretty much the weekend. and seasonal temperatures for where we should be, for the second week in april. so here comes the cold front. isolated rain showers. moving through. an
currently in the lower 60s and some upper 50s, 49 in northern virginia and winchester. we will see cooler temperatures tomorrow, on the next day planner. expect showers by the actual keep the umbrellas with you. with the temperatures topping out only in the mid to upper 50s. back to you guys. >> enough is enough. that's what one senator said when it comes to one airline's plan to charge for carry on luggage. last week spirit airlines announced it would charge up to $45 for carry ons. and today new york senator charles shurmur said the plan is outrageous and he wants to pass legislation that would stop t spirit executive say it would reduce the number of carry on bags and speeding up boarding. and another airline is coming up with creative things to charge for. european discount airlines ryan air is working on a plan to develop coin operated toilets. airline plans to charge $1.30, to $1.50 to use the bathroom on the airplane. >> the gang members busted for heroin. how some were connected to an organization that got money from the city. >> leaders gather in d.c. to talk about nuclear weapon
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15